Tips from Widows

Author Jan Robinson Published by Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408865538 EAN 9781408865538 Cover Hardback


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When Jan Robinson’s husband died suddenly and unexpectedly, she had the idea of asking any other widows, whenever and wherever she met them, for two tips about how to deal with widowhood – anything that came to mind, whether it was what to do or what not to do, however seemingly unimportant. That is how ‘Tips from Widows’ started. Grief is an unmanageable emotion and the form it takes is unique to every woman whose husband or partner has died. There are no set rules about coping with loss. Some people struggle with it for years and maybe never get over it. Others manage to move on. This book makes no claim to be an authority on how to cope as a widow, nor does it set out to offer a thorough analysis of widowhood. It is, quite simply, tips from widows.


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