The World in Conflict: Understanding the World’s Troublespots

Author John Andrews Published by Economist ISBN 9781781253687 EAN 9781781253687 Cover Paperback


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In the last decade, the USA and its allies have invaded Afghanistan; Russia has sent troops into Ukraine; Britain and France helped topple a regime in Libya; the militant group Islamic State (IS) has emerged in the Middle East; and across West Africa, the quest for precious minerals has both financed and caused conflicts. Other conflicts are less bloody, but still dangerous – the nervous stand-off between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, for instance, or the continuing stalemate between nuclear-armed, totalitarian North Korea and capitalist, democratic South Korea. Can we be truly confident that these arguments will not lead to armed conflict – whether by design or by human error? In ‘The World in Conflict’, John Andrews tackles head-on the reasons why global conflict is an ever-present in our lives.


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