The Twelve Birds of Christmas

Author Stephen Moss Published by Square Peg ISBN 9781529110104 EAN 9781529110104 Cover Hardback


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Naturalist Stephen Moss digs beneath the surface of some of our most popular Christmas carols in an ornithological celebration of the festive season. Using the structure of the carol as a jumping off point, he explores the place of twelve fascinating British birds in our history, culture and landscape. Some of the birds are obvious, there’s the swan and of course the partridge. Other chapters are loose interpretation of a verse: for drummers drumming he delves into the woodpecker’s distinctive drumming tap. Woodpeckers, he explains, have special padded skulls to mitigate against using their head like hammer drills. They carefully select dead trees for the most hollow, sonorous sound, and in Florida a space mission was once delayed because woodpeckers had pecked holes in the outer surface of the space shuttle.


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