The Celts

Author Dr. Alice Roberts Published by Heron Books ISBN 9781784293352 EAN 9781784293352 Cover Paperback


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The Romans left monuments to their glories and written histories charting the exploits of their heroes. But there was another ancient people in Europe – feared warriors with chariots, iron swords, exquisite jewellery, swirling tattoos and strange rituals and beliefs. For hundreds of years Europe was theirs, not Rome’s. They were our ancestors, and yet the scale of their achievements has largely been forgotten. They were the Celts. Unlike the Romans they did not write their history, so the stories of many heroic Celtic men and women have been lost. From Denmark to Italy; Portugal to Turkey Alice Roberts takes us on a journey across Europe, revealing the remarkable story of the Celts: their real origins, how they lived and thrived, and their enduring modern legacy.


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