Rogue Elephant

Author Simon Denyer Published by Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408849798 EAN 9781408849798 Cover Paperback


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Five years ago, India was an emerging world power being courted by the world’s most powerful political and business leaders, an upbeat story of unparalleled economic growth. Since then, it has failed to account for the human capital at the heart of its effort to modernize: more than one billion people clamoring for what has become known as the ‘Indian Dream’ – an education, a career, and an opportunity to pull one’s family out of poverty and into prosperity. Today, India is suffering an immense crisis of confidence-crippling political corruption, politicians mired in the status quo, economic inequality, brutal violence agains women, and rampant social injustice. Simon Denyer captures India at this crucial tilting point in its history.


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