Exploding Endings: Cursed Pants & Cranky Cops

Author Tim Harris Published by New Holland ISBN 9781922134707 EAN 9781922134707 Cover Other


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Bing swears his best friend’s pocket is the cause of a horrific run of bad luck. He may be right as there is a string of accidents including a bus crash, school fire and technology meltdown. Will Bing and his friend stop the run of disasters, or will his friend’s pocket cause the ultimate catastrophe? When Sebastian discovers his new set of erasers can make objects literally disappear, he sets about working out how to use his new power for no good. However, he and his friend, Ray, catch wind of a devious plan by some nasty adults to bring about the downfall of their school. Armed with their powerful erasers, the boys muct come up with a plan to save their school. Tom’s sister, Bess, arrives homes one afternoon with a tattered green box containing card-making materials. When unusual things start happening to the recipients of Bess’ cards, Tom decides to investigate.


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